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Mineoro FG90

FG90 device is one of the best absolute efficiency long-distance devices so they are able to discover the treasures hidden for long periods as well as the use of large gold mines as the FG90 device works highly advanced technology in a way and does not require the skills to use The device is easy to use and uses this device with great success by the miners in the north of Brazil, Ghana, Venezuela and treasures in Mexico and the Middle East

Device features
Discovers 35 meters as a depth and over 2000 meters as long distance
Energy: supply of 12 × 1.5V AA alkaline batteries - 01 × 9 V alkaline battery
Gross Weight: 3.480 kg three kilograms and 480 grams
Net weight: 2.180 kg
Gold and all kinds of minerals discovered
Warranty: One year
Made In Brasil