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ACE 250

It is not just a device to detect traditional Minerals, but it is a device enjoys techniques and new features to keep up with Prospecting and exploration of modern, in addition to distinctive design Which makes it easy and convenient use.
Excellent ability to discriminate between metals, in addition to increasing feature Depth, which is an increase of allergies in addition to the disk supplied with the Device (9 x 6) inches

Features :
Graphic Index included 12 degrees
The exclusion of non-precious metals
Determines the Target Center | 8 sensitivity settings to suit the required depths
Battery charge indicator
Index depth
the Entrance headset
Large LCD screen
Key control device
the 3 levels of ringing tones
Choice of programs on touch screen

Specifications :
Height: 42 "to 51" - adjustable
the Weight 1.2 KG
the Frequency - 6.5 kHz
, AA Battery 4
Made in America
Two-year warranty

Research Methods :

Five ways to search and to distinguish between minerals which makes it distinct from other Appliances
Each metal - jewelry - effects - Currency