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Golden King Plus

One Of the most powerful devices globally and its the last technological system to detect metal, gold, relics and caves in the ground and "miracle of the first-class professional devices".
The processing system exploration technology is currently found in any other system in the world include precise technical feature unparalleled processing of the three-dimensional graphs and is the only organ that gives the work world a true and realistic three-dimensional scene and clarity of a full and high accuracy till depth up to 8 meters under the ground.

System is equipped with radar technology. Golden King is currently in any other system in the world. These include the technical advantage of processing three-dimensional graphs are unmatched. It has surpassed all the previous three systems. Now, the Golden King, the radar system for the first time in the world to show a true picture of the target. With a high-tech equipment and an unparalleled ability and superior software not produced by the company. The Golden King, the radar system includes features and capabilities can not be compared with the old techniques to detect

The device capable of detecting gold ore and veins of gold and gold sand is excellent without being influenced by volcanic rocks or mineral soil and the depth is greater than most detectors gold ore in global markets

The device offers users the Golden King, the possibility of filming a three-dimensional graphs in the results screen with the possibility of moving the target image in many ways and all angles. This system provided by us for the first time in the world. This system does not invite photos and drawings of pre-recorded, but the employer provides the signals received from the target directly
Device able to detect voids and gaps, such as earth caves, tunnels and basements, and the old rooms with the possibility to easily determine the contents of the vacuum of metals and shows it in the results screen for a three-dimensional

The device a full analysis of the signals received from the target by equipment and software covered by and used in the analysis device works on a calibrated automatic soil and recognize the shipments and frequencies resulting from the soil and rocks and components regardless of the quality to give it signals accurate and sure of the type, size and amount of the metal detected and sends signals strong to penetrate all the land the difficult and rugged up to the depths of a huge to easily enjoy the real  best in the world technique only technology capable of overcoming all the wrong signals from the kinds of land and rocks with ease. Recognize the device on all precious metals and non-precious and gives quick results of the type of metal and clarification on the screen quickly and directly to determine the depth of the target very accurately by showing the depth of the metal dial on the screen
Device is characterized by iron and scrap metal, non-precious metals from the process of research and exploration to become you can search for precious metals and gold with ease and without any obstacles final

BIOS and contain the search screen
Lithium 7.4 volts battery
File Search Deep
Find a mixed-use
Search coil surface
Bag to carry the device
Home Charger
Car Charger
Laser camera
Toxic gas detector
Bag to carry the screen
Special training systems
Catalogues in Arabic and English
DVD to explain the use of the device precisely
3 years warranty

You can do a real experiment at our offices anytime

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