ALAREEMAN company for metal detectors The exclusive distributor and adopted in Kuwait State and in the Middle East to the largest global factories, our Company is the first in Kuwait and a leader in the sale and trade of gold detectors , minerals , underground water, caves and tunnels under the ground

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new generation of gold hunter, is the first model of the detectors, which have a characteristic depth and subtle distinctions and research in all soil types, and these properties help to discrimination and the search for metals with ease.
Allows the user the ability to search in areas with high density of the metals and of the most important device characteristics that distinguish it from other detectors. Is made of systems to search for "ancient burials," unable to determine ground targets such as caves, tunnels and warehouses in addition to metals accurately to depths of up to 4 meters maximum

Jeotech device equipped with a warning LED (light-emitting diode), the disclosure of the floor spaces by spotlight series on the left side of manual metal detection, as well as by light chain on the right side of the handle by hand. And also has a different sound tones. The distinction between metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, thanks to optical system, if the target iron, the warning device  process (second passage) because it distinguishes iron for precious metals

Jeotech system provider with the ability electronic chips, and has an electronic display, offering the user all the information on the targets system LED (light-emitting diode) and sound. A system that distinguishes metals in the three categories as "valuable minerals" and "non-value" and "Iron" and blanks as well as determines the ground, and Hunter "burials"

Real experiment could be done for this product before buying, for several types of minerals at a depth of 3 meters in a realistic way of explaining the work and to determine the type and depth