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Teknetics T 2 Plus

This device has a high professionalism to detect gold nugget and precious metals, as it contains sophisticated electronic technology And lightness in weight and ease of use and power performance even in the mineral soil. Making it the best compared to other devices

Features :

Screen - LCD - large , clear
The user interface with menu                                 
Key to determine the exact center of the target                                 
Automatic Calibration Links                                 
Double filter to distinguish between even cancellation of iron minerals                                 
High sensitivity enables it to the discovery of gold to depths of up to 1.5 meters and a half                                 
It can be used in the mineral soil                                 
11 - inch disk provider Waterproof                                 
Battery operated for 40 hours continuously                                 
Made in America - a two-year warranty                                 

Available at the best prices ever