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After the success of the first generation BR700pro that specialized in underground water and artesian wells detection, through the accuracy of search results up to 100%, and determine the whereabouts of water at high accuracy, it was necessary to BR System factory to update and develop this device, which we offer you now BR750 Professional

Over the past years, the previous model has been tested in many places and lands through water exploration companies, farmers and land owners. The device has received the complete satisfaction of all users and has achieved what they wanted to accurately determine the water locations, density, depth and type BR750 Professional has been equipped with new features that were not available in the previous model and are not available in all other water detectors at all

BR-System has been decided that the new model BR750 Professional the first device without competition through the addition of some features and characteristics and partial changes that provide higher accuracy in detection and ease and smooth handling of the device

Through this device, and by one click, you will determine whether there is water available in your farm or not, in addition to determining the type and depth of these water easily and directly

The Operating System
The BR 750 Professional works on an integrated geophysical research system, which depends on the transmission of static electric signals (through ground props) in the form of waves to the ground and measuring all frequencies, in the soil and the analysis of these frequencies and signals those detected and programmed automatically through the receiver inside the device, then clarify on the main screen directly The BR 750 Professional is also equipped with modern SBB technology, that check the flow of water detected

Features and characteristics of the device

  • The device is equipped with an accurate graphical interface that accurately determine the location of water and confined within a narrow space between the four props automatically
  • The BR 750 Professional is proven by water flow detection technology, (SBB) technology that helps the user to know the water circulation
    For example: Fixed stable waters dotted from rivers and water cisterns underground - running water connected to rivers and aqueducts underground
    This feature is available only with the new BR 750 Professional
  • The device shows on the screen and automatically the type of water detected without the need to identify it and re-detection several times (Mineral- Fresh- Salty)
  • Determination of detected water propulsion (less than 2 inches or more)
  • The depth of the device reaches to 750 meters underground
  • Easy and simplified interface helps to use the device without any difficulties
  • 12 volt rechargeable battery working for 2 days
  • Signs and accuracy of the device isn't affected at all by rock, sand or mud
  • The device works accurately at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees below zero to 55 degrees Celsius
  • A colorful crystal screen that shows all settings and shows all detections directly
  • The device is equipped with an integrated electronic work system
  • Anyone can use this device with ease. Unlike some other devices that are difficult for some prospectors to work on
  • Light weight and comfortable in use, which making it easy to move
  • Made from high quality electronic plastic and durability
  • The device is available in several international languages
  • Made in USA
  • 3 years warranty

Device parts and components

  • The main unit that installed in the box of the device and contains all buttons of the device in addition to the screen
  • Box of the device - Made of Reinforced plastics that resists heat and water
  • Four metallic props, that resists shocks and rust
  • The 12-volt rechargeable battery working for 48 hours
  • Four cables -every cable has 25 meters length
  • Battery charger
  • Device user manual

Dear explorer and water wells finder :
This device is the most appropriate and the best choice for you to have accurate and guaranteed results for the detection of underground water and artesian wells