Method of purchase and a request from abroad

We Offer for our valued customers the possibility of their application for devices from their home countries without suffering fatigue and affectation expenses of travel, purchase over the phone or correspondence, through the adoption of the client device that had seen fit to request it through the vision of the customer to the product through our website , and informs us about the device , which has chosen him , and through correspondence to e – mail or direct contact with telephone company to be provided with the price of the product and shipping costs.

we Send to the buyer a quote Certified Enterprise includes the name of the device and specifications as the title includes our company banking address.Then the customer can deposit the amount in the calculation of the institution and will provide us with its title to the product is shipped to him immediately through Period of not more than 3 days .Now confidently announce to our valued customers about the possibility of shipping and delivery of all kinds of products we have available to all over the Arab world During a period of not more than 3 days from the date of purchase.

Alareeman for metal detectors company

We are honored to introduce our integrated and comprehensive services to our valued customers how they purchase any of our products With ease and without any complications. Can anyone was getting any product Of our products, whether the product request and send it via shipping and delivery service, or the advent of the client to the company’s headquarters It has all the services of full technical support and expertise acquired during his stay with experts and engineers And technicians.

Main Services

  1. We offer the best and latest detectors to descover the treasures , gold , minerals, water and caves
  2. We offer devices and electronic products, which is revealing, properly researched with practical and scientific experiments
  3. We Offer advice and expertise in product selection, depending on the need explorer and his request for the device
  4. We offer training courses complete and correct and practical, on the basis of systems and devices work and results and effectiveness
  5. We offer realistic experiences and the results of the process and the equipment and work until the advent of the client to the headquarters of the institution to buy
  6. All of our products are supported by its factories and holds a manufacturing and warranty card manufacturers
  7. Offer with each product to ensure processors documented by the device manufacturer, to ensure the safety of its product and buyer work
  8. Offer with every purchase invoice product described in which the price of the device and its name and serial number
  9. Offer with each product in the catalog as requested by the buyer – English – Arabic
  10. We offer DVD that Stating the work and the use of the device
  11. Ship devices all over the Arab world and in a maximum period of one week from the date of purchase
  12. Anyone in any country were to get any device through his application to buy the device via fax or phone company or through email us at institution

Our company banking address

رقم الحساب 651010002836 ACCOUNT NUMBER
رقم الآيبان KW51 KFHO 0000 0000 0065 10100028 36 IBAN

Greetings Corporation Alareeman leading brand in the field of technology and scientific instruments