Imaging Detectors - Alareeman

Imaging Detectors - Alareeman

Imaging System Detectors

Dear customer, If you’re looking for gold , treasures , burials , voids , tunnels to depths starting from 1 meter up to 32 meters below the earth’s surface within tight spaces connotations and references fixed .. you need mainly device that working with imaging system for direct detection of your goals in record time and inventory targets and identify deep inside and sizes and forms and types are very careful and we offer you this sophisticated group, which is one of the best and finest global industries and high-tech performance at best prices with the guarantee.

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Ajax Primero

Made in USA Depth 50M Distance 2850M The Brand Ajax Detectors Targets Gold, Gold nuggets ,Metal, Treasures, Precious stones and Diamond , Cavity Systems The long-range search system (Manual), Long-range search system (Automatic), Ionic Long-Range system, Gradio smart system, Smart Pulse, Spectrum Analyzer, Live scan system, 3D ground scanner system and Geophysical Search System.
$ 11,900 More Details

Ajax Gamma

Made in USA Depth 30M Distance 40M The Brand Ajax Detectors Targets Gold, metals, treasures and voids Systems Gradio smart system, Live scan system and 3D ground scanner system
$ 7,400 More Details

Royal Analyzer Pro 6000

Made in USA Depth 35M Distance --- The Brand BR Systems Targets Gold - Metals - Treasures and Voids Systems 3D Ground Scan System - Live Scan System
$ 8,200 More Details

KS 800

Made in Germany Depth 60M Distance --- The Brand KS Analysis Targets Gold, minerals, treasures, caves Systems imaging System
$ 17,955 More Details

Ground Scope

Made in USA Depth 14m Distance --- The Brand MWF Detectors Targets Gold, treasures, metal and caves underground Systems Live Scan and Ground Scan ( 2D & 3D Data )
$ 4,880 More Details

Deep Hunter Pro

Made in Turkey Depth 5M Distance --- The Brand Nokta | Makro Targets Gold, Metals and Caves Systems Electromagnetic Sound System – Spectrum Analysis
$ 4,640 More Details