Alareeman Metal Detectors Company

Alareeman Company for Metal Detectors is pleased to announce the acquisition of the latest findings of the human mind in the fields of prospecting for precious metals. We proudly announce the presence of a wide range of the latest scientific and technical equipment for mineral exploration, at prices that satisfy all levels (Long range, imaging, electromagnetic and groundwater Detectors), welcome your visit to us at our headquarters in Kuwait and our team is fully Willingness to give you a full and clear explanation about the devices and how to use them.

Gamma gold detector / USA technology the first in the world

Modern and developed gold detector | Gold Step Pro Max

Gold detectors - a group of hunting enthusiasts find an archaeological treasure during their trip

GAMMA Gold detector by imaging system

Advanced groundwater and artesian wells detector / Ajax Omega

Gold and treasures Detector / Alpha Long range Detector

How to use Electra Diamond Detector

How to use OMEGA Groundwater Detector

How to use ALPHA Gold Detector / Long range system

How to use the Spark - Long Range Gold Detector

How to use IOTA gold and metal detector

How to use GAMMA - Treasure and Gold Detector

Gold Step Detector - Gold and Treasures Detector

Operation method of Gold detector Groundtech EVO

How to use a Gold Detector / Royal Basic

Video Tutorial Of GOLD STEP PRO MAX

How To Use GPZ7000

Gold Detector - BR50 GS

Ajax Gamma gold and metal detector

Video Tutorial Of BR100Pro

Ajax Primero Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial Of BR20Pro

How to use the Falk (Falcon) Metal Detector | field test

Video Tutorial Of BR50 Target Max

Ground Scope Imaging gold and precious burials detector

The smallest and latest device to detect treasures and spaces SPARK

QZ80 Gold Detector

Primero gold and burial detector - discovering precious archaeological treasures

Gold treasures and rare gemstones detector | How to use the MF1100 Pro

VIGOR Long Range Gold Detector

Underground water and wells detector Aqua

Gold Detectors

Field experiment on the Falk (Falcon) gold detector to a depth of 2 meters