ALAREEMAN company for metal detectors The exclusive distributor and adopted in Kuwait State and in the Middle East to the largest global factories, our Company is the first in Kuwait and a leader in the sale and trade of gold detectors , minerals , underground water, caves and tunnels under the ground

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Long-Range Detectors

Dear customer, if you're looking for gold nugget or golden treasures and burials , blanks and catacombs starting from 1 meter up to 50 meters below the earth's surface within the large areas and open. You need mainly the long-range device running with long range system to detect your goals in record time and inventory targets and identified meticulously and we offer you this advanced group and which is one of the newest and best American with high performance and technical internationally certified .. and the best prices with the guarantee
Note: All of these devices suitable for finding underground gold , some of which is suitable for the detection of gold nugget and others will be more useful for the detection of archaeological treasures and burials