ALAREEMAN company for metal detectors The exclusive distributor and adopted in Kuwait State and in the Middle East to the largest global factories, our Company is the first in Kuwait and a leader in the sale and trade of gold detectors , minerals , underground water, caves and tunnels under the ground

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The company ALAREEMAN company for metal detectorsmpany and through its commitment to providing the highest standards in the field of advanced technology continue to provide services to enjoy high-end excellence that we seek in this sector. From this standpoint, the company ALAREEMAN company for metal detectorsmpany pursuing her career developed to be a source of pride for the Arab community and that by offering excellent services and convenient handling. We have been able to prove our worthiness and excelling in the field of research and exploration in the Middle East and we look with optimism and satisfaction to the future; as loom large prospects for tremendous growth at the regional and global levels; we strive to achieve further expansion over the next few years, as we signed a contract with major international shipping for your service and to facilitate the transportation and shipping to and from all over the world with ease and at full speed without messing with any of the material shipped and content. This would add a new dimension to the phrase high-end services we offer to our customers and at the same time reflects the importance we attach to them. We also hope that you will take what we offer presentations and training offers you the maximum benefit with our company

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