ALAREEMAN company for metal detectors The exclusive distributor and adopted in Kuwait State and in the Middle East to the largest global factories, our Company is the first in Kuwait and a leader in the sale and trade of gold detectors , minerals , underground water, caves and tunnels under the ground

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Why Our Devices ?

Include our company the best devices and systems based on multi-level world and specialized detection for gold and minerals and treasures and monuments, groundwater, caves and tunnels Has been the experience of all the devices we have in manufacturing centers, which are made through and by our research centers, and we are ready to test any device that is our experience that the real and practical

Specifications and Techniques

Specifications and technologies that have and are characterized All devices operate on the principles and foundations of electronic systems and automatic internationally certified Devices have been developed and professionally designed, accurate and the latest electronic equipment manufacturing in the world and by the best engineers in the field of microelectronics with the most brilliant engineers consulting geologists Devices were studied and radiations and waves emerging and future very accurately All devices operate on a digital electronic system (Digital) advanced very easy to use and relieves the user to work All sizes of devices acceptable and easy to carry and use, including Little, who holds with ease and comfort of movement Devices work great for working hours and up to more than 12 hours and depending on the system device Devices work in all forms of terrain in the worst weather conditions and at all levels of temperature and humidity across the globe Has been studied areas and waves emerging from the hardware to penetrate all types of rocks and dust in the world and running auto-tuning Device software has a sophisticated digital computer systems working on a mini-guide and assist the user to operate the device easily and comfortably Distinguish metal devices from each other, and determine the depths and sizes in digital and electronic Devices made of the best and highest quality plastics and the best electronic parts, Japanese, Greek All components of the internal and external devices is one of the best electronic products in the world We definitely do not e-few old and slow and the results that may be affected by moisture and soil hardness

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We are not the only ones but the best through our distinctive and we the best and most kinds of products in the world

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